Masks and Party Dresses was created as a reaction to the Covid situation

The photo on the right (a portion of the painting) was chosen for you to see as my reaction to the emotions of COVID, masks and people's eyes, the "windows of the soul".  It has been amazing  to see how we as humans can communicate without speech, without a smile or a frown.  As we start to come together again I hope to see more care, respect and concern for our fellow human beings. Working together in this new reality and making it better. This is just the beginning...I am waiting.

On the left is a picture of the full painting as well as a blown up portion of the painting that contain the dress and a portion that contains the mask that I see in the painting. 

Check out the interview on Painting During COVID Confusion at Art Apart. 

Karen Wynne Mackay

Contemporary, abstract, gestural art painting
Karen Wynne Mackay - abstract art

Masks and Party Dresses


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